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China Core Technological Periodical
Supervised by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
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CONSTRUCTION MECHANIZATION Magazine was initiated by the Institute of Building Mechanization of China Ademy of Building Research in Oct. 1980. With a history of nearly 30 years and under the supervision of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China, it has been nominated ‘The Core Technological Percaiodical in China’.

With 12 issues a year and published on the 15th? of each month, it has been active in delivering the new trends and stories from the world construction machinery industry, the design innovations and research achievements for construction machinery, the new construction techniques and management experience from both China and abroad. It also popularizes to the public the servicing and maintenance methods for construction machinery and the products of good quality, reputation and new techniques.

Readers’ range
The purchasing, operating, management and servicing staff of construction machinery users consists of a major part of our readers (71%). The rest (29%) are from research & development personnel, the manufacturers and distributors of construction machinery.

Principle of publication
Do our best for the readers; provide the users, manufacturers and menders from the global construction machinery industry with our confidence and competence.

International cooperation
Contributions and correspondence from both China and overseas are welcomed. We are open to ideas and discussions on a broader range.

Advertising service
As a periodical distributed both in China and abroad, we provide neat advertisement service to both Chinese and overseas construction machinery/parts manufacturers. We will help you get closer to the customer, popularize your company image, core value and brand through our magazine.

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